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Stroly will exhibit a booth at PyCon JP 2019 as a silver sponsor

(PyCon JP 2019 logo by PyCon JP Committee is licensed under CC BY 4.0)

Stroly will support PyCon JP 2019, the largest Python conference in Japan, as a silver sponsor. At PyCon JP 2019, we will talk about the location information platform Stroly and its technology to the engineers coming for their company booths. Also, our engineer Kitagawa (@esuji) will participate in a poster session with the title of “Analysis and criticism of 4-frame cartoon realized in Python 2019 (Poster)”

PyCon JP 2019

PyCon JP 2019
Date: Monday, September 16 (holiday)-Tuesday, September 17
Venue: Industrial Plaza PiO, Ota-ku, Tokyo
* Tickets must be purchased in advance to participate. is a geolocation platform that uses Python language for both web applications and data analysis. In addition, the machine learning algorithm that the R & D team is working on is implemented mainly in Python. We are currently preparing for the exhibition and waiting for the opportunity to have interesting conversations with those who are interested in our team as well as in Stroly’s architecture and engineering. We look forward to meeting you at the venue!

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