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Board of Directors

Machi Takahashi (Co-Founder / CEO / President)
Machi Takahashi

Lived in New York when she was in elementary and junior high school

Graduated from Department of Art & Art History, Carleton College (USA)

Internship at the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago

Joined JustSystems Corp. as a new graduate and experienced the company getting listed while working in the president’s office

Engaged in business development at Intelligent Robotics Research Institute of ATR(Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International)

Launched ATR-Promotions Museum Media Division

Launched ODI Osaka, and became president of ATR-Robotics

ATR Creative Co., Ltd.

Established Stroly Inc. after MBO in 2016

Good Design Award “Image Finder”

Day of Radio Wave-The Kinki Information Communication Conference Chairman’s Award “Chizuburari”

Good Design Award “A Stroll Around Ancient Nara”

The 4th Kyoto Women Entrepreneur Award, Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade & Industry Director Award

DBJ-WEC Development Bank of Japan Finalist

Tokyo APT-Women 1st Term, Dispatched to New York

G20 Tourism Ministers’ Meeting G20 Tourism Innovation Pitch Finalist

UPGRADE with TOKYO Contest Champion

SXSW Pitch 2019 Finalist

Brief Personal History

She graduated from Carleton College in the United States (majored in art history), did an internship at the Art Institute of Chicago, etc., and after returning to Japan, joined an IT venture as a new graduate. She started the Museum Media Division at ATR in the Kansai Science City and became the president of its subsidiary. She conducted an MBO in 2016 and started a Kyoto-based startup “Stroly Inc.” She launched a platform ( that spreads the charm of the area. She has won some Good Design Awards and is a finalist at SXSW Pitch 2019. She loves Dutch paintings and beer.

Kota Namba (COO)
Kota Namba

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1983. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University. Joined CyberAgent, Inc. Since March 2024, serves as COO of Stroly Co., Ltd.

Brief Personal History

Produced celebrity blogs and internet live broadcast programs at Ameba. Established Amesta in 2011, which became a subsidiary in 2012, where assumed the role of director. In 2016, served as the head of a celebrity marketing studio in a joint project with Facebook. Left CyberAgent in 2017 to found MAKE LOL JAPAN. Joined Stroly in 2022, overseeing PR, marketing, and collaborations with major corporations, and became COO in 2024.

Yuko Ichikawa (Outside Director)
Yuko Ichikawa

Graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology , Keio University

In charge of the split-up of the semiconductor division at NEC in 2002 and the listing and IR on the following year, etc.

In 2005, Joined Rakuten and engaged in IR supervision and financial planning, 2016 IR manager

From 2018, Outside Director of Allied Architects, Inc. (current position)

From 2019, Representative Director of Market River Co., Ltd. (current position)

In 2019, Published “楽天IR戦記「株を買ってもらえる会社(Saga of Rakuten IR” What Makes a Company Appealing to Buy Stocks)””

Since June 2019, Stroly’s outside Director

Brief Personal History

Graduated from Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University. She was in charge of the split-up of the semiconductor division at NEC in 2002 and the listing and IR in the following year. From 2005, she engaged in IR supervision and financial planning in Rakuten and became IR manager in 2016. From 2018, she became Outside Director of Allied Architects, Inc. (current position), and From 2019, Representative Director of Market River Co., Ltd. (current position). In June 2019, she published “楽天IR戦記「株を買ってもらえる会社(Saga of Rakuten IR” What Makes a Company Appealing to Buy Stocks)””

Since June 2019, She is Stroly’s outside Director.

Yumiko Terada (Outside Auditor/Lawyer)
Yumiko Terada

Graduated from School of Law, Hokkaido University

2005 registered as a lawyer

She worked at an urban public office in Osaka for 5 years and then at Amami Oshima.

She has been a partner of ARCUS PARTNERS Law Firm since 2013.

Appointed as an outside director of Smart Value Co., Ltd. from 2017 (current position)

Visiting professor at Kobe University from 2020 (current position)

Auditor of Stroly Inc. since March 2021

Brief Personal History

Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Hokkaido University. Registered as a lawyer in 2005. She worked at an urban public office in Osaka for 5 years and then at Amami Oshima. She has been a partner of ARCUS PARTNERS Law Firm since 2013. She has been an outside director of Smart Value Co., Ltd. (current position) since 2017, and a visiting professor at Kobe University (current position) since 2020. As a lawyer, she takes care of many venture firms in Kansai area.

Since March 2021, she has been an Audit Supervisory Board Member of Stroly.

Toru Takahashi (Co-Founder / Ph.D.(Engineering))
Toru Takahashi

Graduated from Department of Physics, Schools of Science and Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University

Doctorate in Engineering, Nara Institute of Science and Technology

Engaged as a researcher at the International Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR) and in charge of information design research and development in the field of AI and cognitive science

Visiting Researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, Faculty of Industrial Design

Research Specialist at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Universal Media Research Center

Director and Manager of Kansai Branch of Linked Open Data Initiative

ICT Regional Manager and Regional Informatization Advisor of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Founded Stroly Inc.

Brief Personal History

A founder. In charge of formulating concept and technology development of Stroly. Ph.D. in Engineering. As an ATR researcher, he engaged in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, media information science, etc., and launched an in-house venture. He promoted the spread of open data and its standard technology, Linked Open Data (LOD). He concurrently serves as a director of LODI. He develops interactive information systems for cultural resources such as museums and apps that expand the possibilities of maps. He established Stroly Inc. after MBO in 2016. His interest in design areas fuses analog and digital experiences and the potential of an information society with the Web, AI, and open data. Born in Kochi prefecture, 190 cm tall.

Major Achievements
2001-2005 Empirical research of asynchronous community system using a physical expression, system operation experiment with the cooperation of domestic e-learning community and Dutch KPN
2004-2007 Demonstration research of museum guide system, demonstration experiment at the Kyoto University Museum, Van Abbemuseum, National Museum of Ethnology
2007-2010 Participated in the Kyoto ubiquitous tourism nation project by ministry of internal affairs and communications. Demonstrated multilingual translation system/guidance system at Toei Kyoto Studio Park and Kyoto tourism map app using taxi
2007Adopted IPA MITOU Software Creation Project 2007 Phase I
2009-Present Planning and production work of museum information exhibitions at Yokohama Port Museum, National Museum of Ethnology, Iki City Ikikoku Museum, special exhibitions of National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Toei Kyoto Studio Park, etc.
2010-Present Research and dissemination activities related to data design, disclosure, and service development using international standard technology for open data such as Linked Open Data (LOD)
2012 Received the Good Design Award for the exhibition material search system “Image Finder”
2012 Received the Data / Infrastructure Partner Award with “Yokohama MAPS” and the Jury’s Special Award City Data Award with “Sabae Burari” at LOD Challenge 2012
2014Received the Good Design Award for “Nara Heijo Historical Walk”
Activities and History Related to Open Data
2010Participated as a launching member in an academic project related to LOD (commonly known as LODAC)
2010Involved in creating a data model for the Web service “LODAC Museum” that integrates museum facility information, collection information, and related geographic information as Linked Open Data.
2012Participated in the launch of the Linked Open Data Initiative (LODI), a specified non-profit organization that consists mainly of the LODAC project members. Served as director. Advised open data promotion during an early stage? in Sabae City, Fukui and Yokohama City, Kanagawa.
2013Demonstrated an experiment of “Yokohama MAPS,” the smartphone application with the planning and LOD cooperation function of Yokohama city on the International Open Data Day when the cities in Japan participated for the first time.
2013Planned many events such as open data study sessions and Hackathons/Ideathons mainly for the innovation creation base “Osaka Innovation Hub” operated by Osaka City,
2014Planned a seminar on open data for the municipal office worker and an ideathon event for the residents for the “Transmission project of local attractiveness using smartphone apps” in Ikuno Ward, Osaka,
2014Registered “Innovate! Osaka”, an organization that undertakes planning and operation of the Osaka Innovation Hub as Asia’s first City Node in the global open data network by the British Open Data Institute (ODI), an open data promotion organization funded by the British government.
2014 Planning and implementation of events in Kyoto and Osaka City on the International Open Data Day
2015 Planning of events in Osaka City on the International Open Data Day
2015 Planning of the 3rd Local Government Open Data Promotion Council (Kansai Conference)
Major Publications

2005, HCI international, Aya Masuoka, Takugo Fukaya, Toru Takahashi, Machi Takahashi, & Sadanori Ito, ubiNEXT: A New Approach to Support Visitor’s Learning Experience in Museums.

2005, Vol. 7, Issue 2, IEEE Computer Society, Aya Masuoka, Takugo Fukaya, Toru Takahashi, & Machi Takahashi, ubiNEXT: Exhibition Guide System that Supports Visitor’s Learning Experience in Museums, Learning Technology Newsletter.

2006, INSS, A Method of Social Network Extraction via Internet and Networked Sensing, Takuichi Nishimura, Yutaka Matsuo, Toru Takahashi, et al.

2007, Bulletin of the Japan Museum Management Academy, No.43 Vol.11 no.3, pp17-24 “デジタル機器利用した双方向展示場が一度システムの試行(A trial of two-way exhibition hall using digital equipment becomes once system” Kenichi Kato, Toru Takahashi, Machi Takahashi

2009, Proceedings of the National Convention of IPSJ, 67,4,391-392 “博物館での教育効果を高めるユビキタステクノロジー(Ubiquitous Technology to Enhance Educational Effects in Museums)” Takugo Fukaya, Aya Masuoka, Toru Takahashi, Machi Takahashi, Sadanori Ito, Yasuhiro Katagiri

2013, Academic conference of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2013 Spring,”古地図とモバイル端末を用いた地域学習支援アプリケーションの開発 -近世後期の鳥取城下町を題材に-(Development of Regional Learning Support Applications Using Historical Maps and Mobile Devices-Based on Tottori Castle Town in the Late Modern Period-“, Akihiro Tsukamoto, Yu Shibata, Hiroki Kurumida, Toru Takahashi , Narumi Kunitada

2014, IPSJ SIG Technical Reports, 2014-HCI-156 (3) “イメージファインダー:構造展示を考慮した博物館向け展示物案内システムの提案と実装(Image Finder: Proposal and Implementation of Exhibition Guide System for Museums Considering Structural Exhibition)”, Yoshiyuki Nakamura , Harry Vermeulen , Toru Takahashi , Takashi Nakagawa , Shota Fukuoka , Atsushi Nobayashi

2014, Cultivate No.43 “ミュージアムにおけるSNSの現在とこれから(Current and Future of SNS in Museums)”, Toru Takahashi

2015, Kansai Institute of Information Systems KIIS Vol.150, pp.16-23, 2015 “リンクト・オープン・データ・イニシアティブの活動(Activities of Linked Open Data Initiative)”, Seiji Koide, Toru Takahashi.

2016, J.IPS Japan, Vol.57 No.7 Special Feature: リンクト・オープン・データ・イニシアティブの利活用「シビックテックとLOD―関西での活動を中心として-(Utilization of Linked Open Data Initiative “Civic Tech and LOD-Focusing on Activities in Kansai-)”, Kouji Kozaki, Hiroshi Ueda, Toru Takahashi

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