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Stroly Inc. has launched a “real-time GPS tracking display function” that makes travel more fun with location technology and music

Stroly (Kyoto, Japan; President & C0-CEO: Machi Takahashi) has provided a digital map and stamp rally function for JR West’s “Ado Music Rally” featuring Ado. In addition, Stroly has released a new feature, real-time location information distribution for tracking ferries equipped with Ado’s voice guidance.

Ado Music Rally全体ビジュアルThe whole image of Ado Music Rally


About Ado Music Rally

“Ado Music Rally” is a content within the “Harutabi /Ado” project developed by JR West’s “Aotabi,” a travel campaign for Generation Z.

Stroly’s digital map and stamp rally functions were provided to the digital content for a new travel project featuring Miyajima, Hiroshima, which was created through a collaboration between the very popular artist Ado and JR West’s information platform for Generation Z, “Aotabi”, and a new function, “Real-time GPS Tracking Display Function”, was also implemented. We also implemented a new function, “Real-time GPS tracking display function”.

As the user complete the music rally, the user will unlock special offers, such as listening to Ado’s music and original voice, qualifying for original goods, and being invited to a drawing to participate in the event.

Details of “Ado Music Rally

The Music Rally can be participated in for free, and if you purchase an exclusive travel product sold by a travel agency, you will receive additional benefits, such as a higher grade of products to be raffled off, as well as unlimited participation in online talk events. For details, please visit the “Haltabi/Ado” special site within Aotavi.

Haltabi/Ado” special site:

Ado Music Rally Period: Chapter 1 March 1 – May 7, 2023, Chapter 2 May 23 – July 16, 2023

What is Stroly’s new feature: real-time GPS tracking display function for ferries?

This is a new feature that displays the location (GPS) of Miyajima ferries on a map in real time.

This feature allows visitors to experience the attractions of the Hiroshima area in a more immersive way, as if they were completing a game.

With this new feature, moving objects other than ferries can be displayed on the map.

This time, there are also exclusive contents that can be heard only on board. Please check the location of the ferry on the map and enjoy every bit of the Ado Music Rally!


Stroly offers planning, technology, rally features, and ferry information in one step

Stroly has a unique technology that enables online display of well-designed illustrated maps with location information (GPS), and for this project, Stroly provided the original map planning, location technology, stamp rally function, and real-time delivery of Miyajima ferry location information.  The map is a unique design that expresses Ado’s world view.

The map does not require an app download; it can be accessed through the URL and enjoy the content immediately.

Stroly is working with companies to meet the potential needs of domestic and international tourists, which are recovering after Corona has settled down. With its location technology, which has a wide range of applications in tourism, Stroly will continue its efforts to make effective use of tourism resources and promote tourism.

Ado Music Rally:


About Stroly

Stroly = Stroll + Story, our concept is “Share the way you see the world.” We believe in the potential of maps as a medium and aim to contribute to the creativity and diversity of the world by advancing them with cutting-edge technology.

Stroly’s maps maximize the attractiveness of an area, allowing users to stay and explore while enjoying the local culture. As the world’s only platform that combines illustrated maps and location-based technology, Stroly has already been introduced in numerous locations, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Kyoto City, and SXSW. Stroly offers a new experience that combines technology and creativity.

Stroly is the first winner of Upgrade with Tokyo, the first Japanese finalist at SXSW Pitch, and a J-Startup selected company.


Stroly is now hiring for global expansion!

We are looking for PR professionals and engineers to join us in the new field of map media.


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